Excellent PR Daily Piece On Facebook's new search tool debut

If you want to know what the new Facebook search tool means to brands then you should read this piece in PR Daily which gives you the heads up quickly clearly and concisely. If you are in marketing or any aspect of brand management then you need to ‘get’ this quickly and this piece gives you the key points in a well-structured way. . Many social me...
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Integration is King? Social Media Management & PR Need To Be Integrated For Either To Be Fully Effective

Content is still king in social media and PR activity is traditionally the corporate engine room for generating content. Naturally therefore, the two should be closely integrated.  However, there is still a healthy number of business users who either fail to capitalise on PR with social media or who conduct social media activities se...
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City PR Practitioners And Charities Benefit From The PR Guild

At its launch,  Back in 2000, the City of London Guild of Public Relations Practitioners (www.prguild.co.uk) set out to achieve a number of key objectives. They aimed to drive Fellowship for PR folk, raise money for charity and to represent the profession in the City. In all three cases they seem to have excelled. They have indeed raised consi...
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One Day Might It Change To The Chartered Institute of Social Communications?

Originally, social media fitted neatly under the Public Relations banner. After all LinkedIn, Twitter et al were simply seen as additional routes or methods of reaching various publics. These social tools co-existed with other more traditional methods of communication.  The PR function was deemed the best corporate silo to manage the social to...
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