PR Survey Says...

SURVEY SAYS PR CREATIVITY IS RARE According to this well written piece in PR Week, PR creativity is rare despite growing in importance. It was a decent sample and so it’s an interesting and telling insight into the current status quo. With the demand for crea...
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The Wheel Doesn’t Need To Be Re-invented; Content Generation And Strategy Still Rests Between PR & Editorial Professionals.

‘Content’ is still King apparently – so much so that the word has now started taking on a gravitas of its own. I have recently heard people describe their career as ‘Content’. However, call it what you will, 'Content Generation' for most organisations' marketing campaigns still rests initially and best with the experienced PR professional...
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Interesting piece on Google

Interesting and well written analytical piece in PR Week about Google being trusted depsite industry dominance. Google's comms team clearly doing well!
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Social Media Curation:

Enjoying curating Social Media Journal - as it gives you a chance to read, choose and add to the best social media stories around.
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