Still Struggling with the word 'Storytelling'

Great piece in PR Week - see link. They certainly nail the topic and 'Storytelling' is indeed a buzzword.... Doesn't it all sound somewhat contrived and fictional though?
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A Career Inspiration

A Career Inspiration
First Class Honours Liverpool University Law graduate Morgan Duval Richards meets the Master of the City Solicitors Company and City Alderman David Graves, who happily recalls his graduate milk-round days. Taken at the Winter Dinner of the Company of PR Practitioners – Apothecaries' Hall February 2018 #Inspiration #CareerJourney #City
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Time To Be Charitable With The Truth

Since the Oxfam crisis broke, we keep seeing excellent articles such as this one on the charity sector in PR Week UK Hopefully, with this current media spotlight, things will change and the messages used by charities will increasingly become more transpa...
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14 tips for beginners using social media for business

Here's some of the key smarts you'll need if you are a social media beginner looking to promote your business....   1: Learn the Skills Fully Maybe consider taking one of the many courses to avoid the silly mistakes. 2: Assess Where You Are Starting From First conduct a social media audit of your existing presence. Be honest! 3 What Are Your C...
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