10 Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Our good friends at Ginger Multi-Media have produced  a video tips guide called -  '10 Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!' Having worked with them many times now, we know they are good at what they do. Hence we thought that we would share it. It's  very much worth a watch..... https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140627...
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Great article on 'the worst possible social media advice'

Here's a great article on the worst possible social media advice. Says it all - Couldn't agree more and yet there are those who spout these ideas. it's a must read..... http://www.steamfeed.com/worst-social-media-advice-will-ever-hear/
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PR Guild Supports Homecoming Heroes For 5th Year

Proud that the Guild of Public Relations has, for the 5th year, held its "Homecoming Banquet" at Brooks' in London. The Guild was joined by more than twenty guests from its military affiliations who have recently served at home or abroad: the Army Reserve’s Media Operations Group (MOG), the Royal Naval Reserve’s Media Operations Specialisation (MOS...
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2014 Digital Tools Are Taking Sides But Don’t Forget The Basics

2014 Digital Tools Are Taking Sides But Don’t Forget The Basics The economic outlook promises much these days but how best should one exploit the opportunities that apparently await businesses. Digital marketing tools will no doubt play a major part in this and it is interesting to see the weapons of choice for particular marketing functions. Email...
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