Excellent piece on the future of PR

There are very few decent visionary statements on the future of PR. Here's one that has recently appeared in Forbes. As excellent as Forbes is, we would have hoped for something similar in the PR press itself. On second thoughts though, it's more likely to reach the client side in Forbes so there is an added benefit. We think that this piece nails ...
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Support The British Legion

The Right Image would like to take a moment to praise and celebrate the tremendous work of The Royal British Legion http://www.britishlegion.org.uk As their website points out, the money raised through their annual Poppy Appeal goes directly to their welfare work providing through life care to anyone who is currently serving in the British Armed Fo...
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8 First Steps For Effective Content Generation

Here's an overview of the first steps required when generating effective content. Whilst practice makes perfect we all have to start somewhere. So we hope these pointers guide you in the right direction..... 1. Choose Genuinely Interesting Topics Draft a shortlist of the most interesting topics that you can generate content about. This should not j...
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5 Effective Steps For Choosing A PR Company

We aren't pretending that these are the only steps or the most important ones for your organisation. However, they are extremely helpful and with particular respect to point No 5 they can also be pretty effective!   1 Get Your Ducks In A Row First. Decide what you need to achieve from PR by defining a clear brief with specific deliverable...
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