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Wake Up To Digital Video Content – Or Fall Behind!

Wake Up To Digital Video Content – Or Fall Behind!

The recent significant growth of mobile and digital technology has driven both B2B and consumer markets toward a broader range of content, in particular video. Visual content is superior and within this video is best….so this new marketing mix tool is naturally popular both with viewers and those who produce / commission the videos. However, video is still omitted from many budgets so creativity is often squeezed when video finally first makes it onto the marketing plan…. This should not be the case though, as it is your visual shop window …so it’s important not to underinvest. Ignoring video is not an option and those who follow this idiocy will certainly fall behind their competition.

Wiser brand managers are now investing in video to drive campaigns with a suitably modern and creative look and feel. In short, it provides them with a more engaging platform to achieve a number of key objectives:

1 Promote products, services and brand values

2 Build company reputation, messaging and goodwill

3 Build customer based story telling through case studies

4 Boost UX dramatically / Supports experiential marketing & field marketing

5 Handles positioning on core industry issues or segments alike

6 Premium content for inclusion in individualised email / Tribal Marketing e-shots

7 Joint marketing with trade partners

8 Drive and add weight to social media

9 Deliver ‘How-To’ customer advice & guidance

10 Support content needed for SEO agencies.


There are a number of different video approaches:

Social media

Brands use video to reach followers or tribes through through SMO video and the likes / shares/ endorsements they receive are powerful medicine to build brand equity at the sharp end.

In-stream video

Content is present within the video either before, during or after the customer has viewed it. Most commonly one sees this kind of thing on YouTube. However other social media sites are also considering dropping adds either before or during viewing footage.


With mobile video now overtaking other forms of video marketing, this fast paced visual mobile content is now at the cutting edge of brand building. It’s especially popular with and being driven by the financial services markets.

Tribal Marketing

The use of tribal and cross tribal content is a relatively new method of online video promotion. Pick say the crossover traits between a country say Scotland, a sport say rugby or golf and a market say: financial services, travel or an automotive company. The fused content is likely to merge the immensely passionate values of Welsh Rugby or golf enthusiasts with the practical benefits of the financial services package, travel deal or target model.

You can see this at the most English of sporting events, Wimbledon. Here the courtesy cars are all one particular model that ferry celebrity sports heroes to and from the ground. The promoted model’s manufacturer now makes great play of this both through traditional marketing channels and now online through video too.


Key video points to remember:

- Response Mechanism

All types of video do need some kind of response mechanism and if possible a call to action too. Without this your investment might be wasted.

- Brevity is essential

Social video adds are only successful if recorded in mere seconds. Video talking head pieces run to about 1-2 minutes and case study videos should ideally be no more than 3 minutes long. Make sure that when prospects click-thru, that they land on the right webpage on your site and that it’s easy for them to progress to the next stage. This sounds straightforward…. but is often one area where companies fail badly. Also because of the brevity, make sure the content is concise and highly relevant when scripting.

- Video Should be optimised

- Simply put, all video content should work well across all devices and media

- Enjoy It

It may sound weird but if you are facing tough times or just down in the mouth on the day of the shoot – go away and come back another day. Bad emotions and feelings either of those filmed or the crew can dampen the final product – so stay happy! and enjoy!