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It is still only a relatively recent development that companies have realized the value of Social Media Platforms as part of planned PR and Marketing campaigns. However, they've often been unsure of the right approach to take and  do not possess the resources or skill sets to generate this kind of profile using existing internal resources.  Thus  alongside PR, they struggle to secure an effective social media presence. The problem is that to recruit someone with the skills to create this is means a high fixed cost hit straight on the bottom line. 

There is, however, another option. This is to outsource social media marketing to a PR company who can run the campaign as part of an integrated communications strategy.  By outsourcing you do not lose control of your content.  An effective outsource management service ensures your marketing strategy and news reaches key social media. Yet your company identity is left in your grasp.  By outsourcing you allow the development of these platforms be run by experienced professionals ......who know how to build followers for Twitter, how to advise on keeping facebook vibrant, who identify opportunities for YouTube “response” videos or advise on the latest LinkedIn feature to reach more prospects. 

Outsourcing is therefore definitely worth considering as one effective option.