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How Can SMEs Benefit From Strategic PR?


Here are just some of the ways in which SMEs can benefit from Strategic PR.......

  1. Your Budget Goes Further

 “If you shout alone some might hear you – but if you shout in numbers, it becomes a roar.” 


Therefore, by getting numerous journalists, freelancers and other stakeholders to write about your message the clamour becomes far ‘louder’. It can be heard by many more and reach further. And if numerous independent credible voices all say the same thing, it is likely to be received more credibly by your target market.


  1. PR Is More Effective Than Print / Digital Advertising

 Advertising is biased whereas the editorial generated by PR is perceived to be unbiased and authentic when read. SME ads look small time but editorial looks the same whatever the size of company is written about… in media terms there are no small or large companies – just small or large angles – find the right story it doesn’t matter if you are a one-man band …. it is a lot more likely to be covered positively, than the wrong story from a major corporation.


3 Flexible & Easily Integrated 

PR / Strategic Comms is the perfect mix variable to integrate with and support any other form of marketing. It can take the lead or fine-tune messaging at a later stage. You can also weave in new threads at any stage.


4 PR To Big-Up Your Customers

Customer stories go down very well where it reinforces the customers’ qualities and their care levels. You’re using the PR to boost you image whilst rewarding them for their custom. 


5 Good PR strategy provides an infrastructure for defence

Should a defensive campaign be required then having an exiting agency in place will pay dividends. Potentially, handling crises well will earn you respect – but this is not something you should attempt without professional advice.


6 PR Reinforces Branding

PR is the finest tool to reinforce messaging and brand identity. If the press supports your brand then it’s like extra feet on the street, banging the drum for your product or service. It enables you to develop your brand and to build better industry relationships too…..


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