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2017: More Authentic and Intimate PR, Content and Social Media?

2017: More Authentic and Intimate PR, Content and Social Media?

Here are some predictions for 2017 .... that suggest a new closeness between organisations and their publics:

Video Rich Content Will Win Through

It may not yet be quite the ‘year of video’ but in 2017 marketing and brand managers will beg, steal and borrow video content to support social media / marketing. The budgets may be hard to justify but the results are awesome. 2017 should see far more video content in use. Video adds greater authenticity to messages. It ensures a closer form of engagement with viewers than word based verbiage ever could.

Ultimately, this will lead the way for other technology leaps such as gamification and virtual reality to have their day in future years.

Greater Use of Live Social Media Tools

Beyond traditional video, tools like Facebook Live and Periscope will add greater immediacy, intimacy and authenticity to campaigns. Better still they are an extremely no cost / low cost route to market and easy to use – so their success is guaranteed. The big challenges are relevance, quality and taste.

Content Remains ‘King’ And Is Still Led By PR

Great content such as thought-leadership pieces are all powerful in today’s ‘marketing bubble’. Beyond journalism, PR is the other source of great content. Organisations will finally realise that securing good content means hiring good PR.

The individualisation of content is the next big thing and again the more successful campaigns will be the ones that speak with a more authentic / intimate / relevant voice.

Closer Integration of PR & SEO

in 2017, these two functions will continue to merge in support of better, stronger campaigns.

It is important to realise though that very often PR, content marketing and social media combined are far more important than traditional SEO can ever be.

Social Media and Great Content Will Expand Into Customer Service

We all sell and we are all responsible for marketing – 2017 will see more social media and visual tools used to support customer service. Good content will be at the heart of this. By this means, customers will feel more cherished and close to the heartbeat of the organisation.

By being able to attain rich content information and to contribute feedback through social media, customers will feel a greater part of the process and that they are more supported. It’s a much more intimate approach and this too should drive repeat sales.