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14 tips for beginners using social media for business


Here's some of the key smarts you'll need if you are a social media beginner looking to promote your business....


1: Learn the Skills Fully

Maybe consider taking one of the many courses to avoid the silly mistakes.

2: Assess Where You Are Starting From

First conduct a social media audit of your existing presence. Be honest!

3 What Are Your Customers and Influencers Doing?

It’s worth knowing what you are competing with or who is leading opinion.

 4: Then Make A Plan!

With Social Media, just like everything else in business, you need a plan first.  By drafting a social media marketing plan, based on your audit, you will not only increase the chance of success but also negate many social media mistakes. Decide which platforms to use and then draft a Social Media calendar to roll the plan out.

5 Be Aware Of Your Limitations And Who Can Help You Best

What can you sensibly do yourself and where do you need help? It might be a recruitment issue or you may need to farm something out to another agency. Don’t spread yourself too thinly.

6 Integrate Your Social Media To Save Time

As you post on one site – so it should appear elsewhere – indeed link all the sites altogether using a system such as Hootsuite. Optimise your profiles on each too,,,,

7: Use LinkedIn Whatever!
In terms of generating business this is a must have. It drives your credibility, brings in leads and allows you to publish content.....

8: Use Great Content 

Keep it original, interesting and highly visual

9: Frequency

Post frequently but don’t overdo it – Several Times a day is fine though...

10: Use Stats and Monitoring to Refine the Campaign

Measure everything! Social media monitoring and  statistics enable the experts to fine tune content to audiences, times of day and themes. Immerse yourself in the figures to get the best out of them and future use.

11: URL Shorteners and Hashtags Allow you to follow your tweets/ posts etc.

Want to know how well you have done? Well this is a clever means of following through.

12: Social Media Is Great SEO

SEO is about being seen and found – Social Media helps here too! Integrate social media with all you SEO activities – do not keep them separate.

13: Connect Your Website of Blog

Once all that social traffic is happening –  be sure that it’s going to your site or blog… Add social media buttons to your site to send traffic back again.

14: Review

You know it makes sense! Evaluate all and refine!