Our new logo - launched today.  It's always a challenge to rebrand and whilst our previous stlye had many admirers, it was time for a change.
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How Can SMEs Benefit From Strategic PR?

Here are just some of the ways in which SMEs can benefit from Strategic PR.......Your Budget Goes Further â€œIf you shout alone some might hear you – but if you shout in numbers, it becomes a roar.”                         ...
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Lord Tim - A Great Legacy

Disregarding the few hurdles that Tim had at the end of his career, he was clearly a defining visionary and guiding light to those in PR that followed his example. Tim along with other positive figures such as Lord Chadligton transformed the way PR was done and more importantly the way it was seen. It was an immensely positive transformation.Natura...
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Entrepreneur.Com: Culture Makes or Breaks a Company When Crisis Hits
Great piece from Entrepreneur.com'Culture is what guides your company, for good or ill, when times are suddenly bad'.This article nails a key point - that culture is important at times of crisis.
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