• Is your profile performing as it should?
    Is your profile performing as it should?

    "Their professionalism alongside a results led approach and delivery combined with value are core values at The Right Image ...."

  • Is the
    Is the "Impact of PR" benefiting your Sales Force?

    "Over the last 10 years The Right Image has played a crucial part in the development of our business ..."

  • How do you make sure your message gets across?
    How do you make sure your message gets across?

    "They will listen to what you want and advise you on what will work as opposed to what will generate them the most revenue ..."

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Where the person running your communications programme day-to-day is the most junior person on that campaign? Are you happy that the Directors and Account Directors only come out to play at client meetings, when something is wrong or when they want more business? 

Or is it acceptable that the account management team, promised to you at the pitch, disappears once the business is won? 

The Right Image turns the triangle. 

You and the media only deal primarily with a Principal of The Right Image. This ensures that only the best and most experienced person is representing you and reporting to you. Isn’t that what you would want? Why tolerate anything less?

strong linkOur support staff is back-office based and working hard to support the actions that the principal takes as media champion of your campaign. Our media style is proactive, honest, driven and assertive. We seek to go that extra mile to hunter-kill that one piece of defining coverage that makes the market pay attention and makes your competition recoil.

We’re in the business of building market-leading profiles and seeking long term results-driven relationships with our clients. We’re different in other ways too. So talk to us and find out about our difference of approach and the difference that the Services that The Right Image supplies can make to your business!